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We've talked to many teachers who ask me this question. Money is often tight in our profession. Time, however, is usually at a premium as well.  Most of us spend hours planning lessons and searching for activities that fit our needs. Many of us aren't paid for that time. Believe it or not, buying materials can save you both time and money.


Let us give you an example. Imagine you make $20 per teaching hour and spend an hour planning. Your net pay is really $10 per hour because of the extra unpaid time spent. Imagine instead that you purchase a re-usable lesson plan with materials for $4 or $5.  Your net earnings for time and money spent are $16 an hour as opposed to $10. When you use the lesson plan again, your net earnings are $20, which is closer to your actual pay. You have also gained time. More time means less stress and a better quality of life. Don't believe me? Try some of our materials below, and you decide. 

Types of Materials

Full lesson plan: contains all materials necessary for a lesson including a standards-aligned lesson plan, procedural notes, photocopiable worksheets, and role play materials; download our free lesson to view our lesson format 

Grammar application activities: similar to full lesson plans without procedural notes and standards alignment; includes an introductory activity, guided discovery, practice exercises, and application activity 

Role play: contains instructions, set up, and materials for a role play

Listening lesson: contains audio clips, the audio script, and questions for comprehension


Vocabulary/Idiom lesson: includes a guided discovery vocabulary activity, practice exercises, and an application activity focused on reading or speaking

Video Lesson: designed for independent learning; includes pre-learning activities, video lectures as well pronunciation and speaking practice activities

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