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Full Lesson Plan Vocabulary for the College Application Process

Full Lesson Plan Vocabulary for the College Application Process

This is a complete lesson plan and all materials for an introductory lesson focused on college life and the college application process. It includes a vocabulary exercise with context clues, short dialogues, discussion questions, and a short research activity. It's appropriate for adult ESL students, students taking the TOEFL, and any students with little knowledge about college or the application process. For adult ESL teachers, this is aligned with CASAS and is NRS level high intermediate or advanced. For those use CEF, this is high level B1 or low level B2.  

  • Standards


    2.5.5 Locate and use educational services within a community, including interpreting and writing schoolrelated communication
    7.1.1 Identify and prioritize personal, educational and workplace goals
    7.2.7 identify factors involved in making decisions, including considering goals, constraints, and
    consequences, and weighing alternatives


    Common European Framework ALTE Can-Do

    B1(ALTE 2) Can understand factual information he/she is likely to come across on a specific, focused topic 



  • Activity and Lesson Length

    5 pages; 1 hour

  • PDF file

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