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Full Lesson Plan Present Perfect and Cover Letters

Full Lesson Plan Present Perfect and Cover Letters

This item is a full lesson plan which teaches students use of the present perfect and simple past in the context of a cover letter as well as the basics of how to write a cover letter. This lesson includes a letter for students to put in order, a comprehension activity, a guided discovery grammar activity, grammar practice, and an activity to outline a professional cover letter. For ESL students, the level is NRS level advanced, but may be used with NRS High intermediate Students with good writing abilities. For native speakers, this lesson may be used as a grammar review and to assist in writing cover letters as part of the job search process. For CEF, this is high B1 or low B2.  

  • Standards


    CASAS Competencies:

    4.1.2 Follow procedures for applying for a job including interpreting and completing job applications, resumes, and letters of application

    Common European Framework ALTE Can-Do
    B1 (ALTE 2) Can write straightforward letters of a factual nature

  • Activity and Lesson Length

    11 pages; 2 hours

  • PDF file

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