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Full Lesson Plan Simple Present and Car Buying Vocabulary

Full Lesson Plan Simple Present and Car Buying Vocabulary

This lesson gives students some real-world practice using simple present questions in a car buying role play. This document includes a full lesson plan with two variations depending on the level of the students. Role play cards, practice activities and a vocabulary activity are included. The lesson is best suited for NRS level High Beginning to Low Intermediate and is aligned with CASAS competencies. It's a lesson you can use again and again, especially if you laminate the role play cards. For the CEF, this is level A2 or if more bargaining as done as part of the role play, can be used for low level B1.  

  • Standards


    1.2.2 Compare price, quality, and product information to determine the best buys for goods and services

    1.9.5 Interpret information related to the selection and purchase of a car

    1.9.6 Interpret information related to automobiles


    Common European Framework ALTE Can-Do

    A2 (ALTE 1) Can ask for what is required and can bargain to a minimal extent 

    B1 (ALTE 2) Can understand when the shopkeeper explains the difference between 2 or more products serving the same basic purpose 

  • Activity and Lesson Length

    14 pages; 90 minutes

  • PDF file

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