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Full Lesson Plan Hotel Reservations There is/There are

Full Lesson Plan Hotel Reservations There is/There are

This lesson gives students practice asking and answering questions using there is and there are in the context of making hotel reservations by phone.  An extension activity includes making reservations for blocks of rooms for events or weddings.  The lesson includes a crossword puzzle with hotel vocabulary, 3 grammar activities, an extension activity, and material for a hotel role play. This lesson is appropriate for NRS level High Intermediate or CEF level B1.  

  • Standards


    2.6. Interpret information in order to plan for vacations or outings

    2.1.8 Use the telephone to make and receive routine personal and business calls (Going Further activity)

    Common European Framework ALTE Can-Do 

    B1 (ALTE 2)  Book a room in a hotel over the phone

                         Establish that the accommodation fulfills his/her own needs

  • Lesson Length

    14 pages with answer key; 3-hour lesson 

  • PDF file

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